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Do you know Danielle Redlick wiki? You know, the Florida woman born on November 3, 1973. She’s 47 now, can you believe it? Anyway, she grew up in Florida and goes by the nickname Danielle. She studied at a local high school, but we don’t know the name.

So get this, she actually killed her stepfather-turned-husband in their fancy Winter Park home. It was right there in the kitchen with a knife! It’s like something out of a movie. She tried to cover her tracks by removing all evidence.

But here’s the crazy part – after the murder, she waits a whopping 11 hours before calling 911! Can you believe that? It’s like she was trying to avoid responsibility or something. Aapparently, this isn’t the first time she tried to murder her stepfather. Back in 2019, she attempted it, but the murder trial didn’t stick. Wild, right?

The Winter Park Police Department is all over it, saying she’s been trying to get away with this for a while. It’s like a real-life crime drama down in Florida!

Who is Danielle Redlick?

She is a Multimedia Communication Professional and Social Responsibility Advocate from the US. You wouldn’t believe it, but she’s been flying under the radar all these years, just a regular working woman in America.

But, get this – everything changed with the tragic death of her husband. It’s like she was living a low-key life, and suddenly, she’s thrust into the spotlight because of this awful thing happened. Can you imagine? Life can really throw some curveballs, even for the most ordinary folks.

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Quick Biography

Nick NameDanielle
Date of BirthIn 1976
Age (as of 2023)47 years old.
Place of BirthFlorida
Current ResidenceFlorida
Net worth$1.2 million USD 

Danielle Redlick Wiki

You know Danielle Redlick, the Florida lady? Well, guess what, her real name is actually Danielle Redlick. She’s 47 now, born on November 3, 1973. 

So get this, she commits a crime straight out of a crime novel. She offed her husband with a kitchen knife in their swanky Winter Park home. Can you believe the drama? It’s like a real-life mystery unfolding in Florida.

Childhood and Education

Born and raised in Florida, she and her husband were living it up in Winter Park in 2019. But let’s take a look at her early years – she’s got some impressive education. 

So, get this – not only did Danielle Redlick get an Associate of Arts degree from Valencia College, but she’s also got this fancy Advanced Photography accreditation from Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis. I mean, talk about skills!

But wait, there’s more. Brace yourself for her academic journey – she strutted her stuff at the University of Central Florida, snagging a Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies. Moreover, she didn’t stop there. She studied Mass Communication, Communications, Social Sciences, and Sustainability Journalism. Now, that’s what I call a well-rounded education.

Career & Profession

You won’t believe what Danielle has achieved throughout her career! She started out at “Clear Channel” as a Broadcast Advertising Account Executive in 2003. After spending 9 months there, what does she do? Entercom Radio appointed her Broadcast Account Executive in 2005. Talk about making moves!

After a few years, she works as a Multimedia Executive with a private media company.  Fortunately, she throws us a curveball and becomes an Orange County Community, Environmental and Development Services Sustainability Assistant. Who saw that coming?

And get this, if you ask her what she does now, she’s all about the photography life. Apparently, she’s been following her passion since 2013, working with Share The Worth Photography and Social Change Innovation. Now, that’s a career switch worth talking about!

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Height & Weight

She’s a real stunner with this amazing and cool personality. She stands at a chic 5 feet 4 inches and weighs around 58 kilograms. And let me tell you, she’s rocking a killer body figure – healthy and all.

Net Worth

A house she shared with her husband was no small matter – we’re talking about about $1 million USD house. Living the luxe life, right?

Now, after the whole tragedy with her husband, she’s the proud owner of that swanky house and has a net worth that’s estimated to be around $1.2 million USD. 

Husband and Marriage

After her mother passed away, she married her stepfather, Michael Redlick. Talk about a plot twist, right?

Now, when they tied the knot, Michael was working the high life as the director of external affairs and partnership relations for the DeVos Sports Business Management Program at the University of Central Florida. 

And guess what? The family expanded – Danielle and Michael welcomed two children into the world. They are an older girl named Jadyn and a younger boy named Sawyer. 

But hold on, here’s where it gets intense. During Danielle’s husband’s unfortunate death, they were celebrating their 17th wedding anniversary. Can you believe it? Jadyn, the daughter, lost her temper during the murder trial.

Despite being close to her dad, she attributed toxicity in the relationship to her mother, explaining that it was her fault. It’s been a long time since family secrets have been revealed!

Husband Michael Redlick Trial Update

A 65-year-old man named Michael Redlick was found dead on a Saturday morning in January 2019 in the 1200 block of Temple Drive. He turned out to be the director of the University of State Florida’s sports business and management program. Talk about a headline-worthy twist!

This is where things get even crazier. The Winter Park Police Forensic Section believes his wife Danielle Redlick is responsible for the strange circumstances surrounding his death. Can you believe it? He was a head honcho in the sports business, who was mysteriously killed.

While forensic investigators spent half of the investigation searching for evidence, police interviewed neighbors.

Now, here’s the shocker – according to the prosecution’s summons, Danielle apparently waited a whopping 11 hours before dialing 911 after her husband bit the dust. And get this, she told the emergency responders that he had a cardiac attack after a fight. But wait, the story changes – later on, she claimed he stabbed himself. I mean, it’s like a real-life crime thriller!

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What Happened to Her If She is Jailed?

What’s the latest on Michael and Danielle? The second wife of Michael, Danielle’s mother, got married for better health insurance when she was battling cancer. 

On Jan. 11, Michael got all ragey and bit into his McDonald’s burger and spat it right in her face. Like, who does that? But wait, there’s more. Her report says he grabbed her and threw her to the ground before slamming her head against the stove. 

So, she decides to grab a knife for protection, but he snatches it and starts making stabbing motions at himself. She tries to hide in the bathroom, picturing some Cape Fear horror scene with her hubby at the door.

And get this tea – apparently, Danielle had a temper issue, like, everyone knew it. Even the kids spilled the beans, saying she was the usual suspect starting family arguments. Talk about a heated household.

Now Danielle is charged with second-degree murder and tampering with evidence for allegedly offending Michael. 

Interesting Facts about Danielle Redlick

  • Danielle’s expertise spans writing, editing, visual design, marketing, advertising, and storytelling.
  • She maintains an active presence on LinkedIn with 110 connections.
  • While she used to be active on Twitter, her last recorded activity was on December 31, 2018, with 568 followers.
  • A grim discovery was made in Danielle’s house after Michael Redlick’s death: a bloody knife.
  • The autopsy report confirmed that Michael died from a stabbing.
  • In an attempt to erase evidence, Danielle allegedly used towels to clean up the blood.
  • However, investigators later found one of these towels, adding a layer of complexity to the case.

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