Did Moana Die in The Storm in 2023 – A Complete Dark Story

Who is Moana and How Die in the Storm – All You Need to Know

Disney princess fans quickly fell in love with Moana when it was released in 2016. Despite overwhelming circumstances, they admired the tropical setting of the film and her perseverance.

It was an instant hit among the fandom when Moana was introduced alongside the mysterious Maui. The story revolves around Moana, the daughter of a Polynesian village chief, who crosses the ocean to retrieve a mysterious artifact from a goddess named Te Fiti. It has long been a mystery whether Moana died in the storm in the film.

In recent years, movie theories have popped up everywhere, including Disney’s film, turning one of the biggest musical hits into a sad story. Check out how these theories hold up in reality by exploring some of them.

Did Moana Die In The Beginning?

Moana embarks on a journey to save her people when her island is threatened by life-threatening darkness. Upon setting sail, she soon encountered a fierce storm as she attempted to find the demigod Maui.

As a result of a typhoon wrecking her ship, Moana is shipwrecked on an uninhabited island. Several theories were floating around, which fascinated theorists, who speculated about the storyline. During the storm at the film’s beginning, Moana is believed to have died.

Her only communication following the shipwreck seems to be with her deceased grandmother, Gods, and demigods, which suggests she has passed on.

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Did Moana die in the storm

According to one theory, Moana died at the beginning of the storm. At the same time, another assumes Maui is the angel who guards Moana and that Moana is in purgatory or a mythical land.

According to the above theory, Moan’s afterlife journey would be the movie’s subject. When Moana gets shipwrecked, she ends up stranded with Maui on an island. Reddit users quickly pointed out that only legendary figures like gods, demigods, and other non-humans interact with Moana in the movie. It may be an indication that she has passed away since she only stands out because of her deceased grandmother.

Also, the user speculates that Moana could overcome things that humans couldn’t. She rarely hurt herself, and the one time she did was just before she died.

Moana meets her deceased grandmother in the form of a bright blue stingray ghost. Moana frequently mentions her grandma, Tala, in the movie. The fact that Moana was able to communicate with beings from the afterlife may not indicate her death, but it put the theory in perspective for her fans.

As part of the theory, the Realm of Monsters was originally referred to as an underworld in the early drafts of the film, further suggesting Moana’s death throughout.

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Moana Death Scene Analysis

Moana Death Scene

Moana dies in the storm at the beginning of the movie. A major argument for this opinion revolves around Moana’s interactions with gods, demigods, and legendary creatures throughout the film since she spends most of the film engaging with them.

Moana is also said to have been transported to a mythical land of the gods after becoming stranded in the storm. Based on Reddit users’ speculations, Moana broke the barrier between humans and Polynesian mythology because she had died and had access to the mystic realm.

Did Moana Come Back To Life?

It was the passing of Grandma Tala after the devastating storm that shaped the course of the film. A necklace with Te Fiti’s heart is then presented to the young girl by the older woman.

Only the necklace can save Motunui by reviving Te Fiti, which was rumored to possess the power to restore life. The shipwrecked boat in the storm was soon restored after Moana returned to the Heart of Te Fiti that included the management of restoration. As Moana does not accompany Maui to Motunui, we will only see him once.

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The Real Story Of Moana and Maui

 Story Of Moana and Maui

Although Moana is a fictional character, Polynesian folklore plays a large role in the film. In Moana’s journey, Polynesian mythology and history played an important role in her sense of direction and friendship with Maui. Moana and Maui tell a story about two friends who embark on a journey together.

How Old Is Moana?

Even though Moana is self-reliant, strong-willed, and brave, the film leaves out one important detail about her: her age. She is a teenager and is described as being around sixteen years old.

What About Hei Hei?

Except for Hei Hei, the chicken, everything about the theory made sense, except for those perplexing details. Maui considered using this chicken as a “boat snack” since it stuck close to Moana throughout the movie.

There are two possible interpretations of Hei Hei, however: either he is a demigod or a spiritual guide. We can see Maui exclaim, “The chicken lives,” though the significance of that statement can be guessed from the chicken’s dumbfounded expression at the end.

Moana’s Dark Side

Moana's Dark Side

Reddit user u/davemidrock first proposed that Moana drowns at the beginning of her journey to find Maui. Moana’s ability to access the Underworld as a dead person allows her to accomplish her mission. Several possible clues point to Moana drowning after her boat tipped in the big storm.

The ocean pleads with Moana for assistance as she struggles to right her capsized boat. Immediately on the horizon, lightning and thunder crash, followed by a wave cresting overhead. 

Suddenly, everything goes black. Moana is stranded on Maui’s island after a long fade to black. Moana appears to have entered the Underworld, according to a fan theory. Underworlds, or places inhabited by spirits or entities, are common in the mythology of several Pacific Islander cultures.

The Underworld took Moana

It was only after Moana died that she could enter the Underworld, according to the Reddit author. Because of this, she had to drown in the ocean. It seems mildly out of character for Moana to be thrown overboard and watered by the ocean, considering the ocean has always been helpful to her. Moana might not have known something about it. Either way, the ocean functions as a bridge between the two worlds.

Only ancestral spirits and mystical creatures can be seen from here, so Moana has never met another human. Her grandmother’s ghost also speaks to her. Her grandmother’s spirit, however, did not interact with Moana before the storm hit. In the Underworld, spirits can interact, so that could mean Moana is there. Her invulnerability may also account for her lack of injuries.

With almost superhuman resiliency, Moana repels her near-death experiences at every turn. She may have entered the Underworld based on that clue. The perilous adventures Moana had with Maui never resulted in any ill effects on her. Despite that, there is one incident that could poke a hole in this theory, which takes place at the beginning of the movie when she cuts her ankle on a reef.

In an attempt to escape Maui’s cave, Moana displays a momentary grimace of discomfort. However, the Redditor thinks it’s nothing more than a reflexive memory of pain after ramming her shoulder into the boulder, not actual discomfort. It’s also a cartoon, which can be great for moments of consequence-free injuries. If that’s the case, then her journey into the Realm of Monsters to retrieve Maui’s hook only deepens the mystery.

No injuries for Moana

A mystical underwater barrier separates Moana from the Realm of Monsters as she plunges hundreds of feet underwater. Tamatoa’s lair’s watery ceiling then tumbles her through. Moana is launched back to the surface of the ocean by a geyser after she battles the giant crustacean. During this passage, Maui tips his hand as to the truth of the darky theory.

Moana is told by Maui, “You almost died! While recuperating on the beach. Sure, it’s odd to comment… since Moana has already passed away. Maui had also congratulated Moana earlier when she had fought Kakamora without dying. The Redditor suggests that the final scene substantiates their claim, but the answer lies elsewhere.

To return home, Te Fiti repairs Moana’s boat after restoring her heart. The “chicken lives” here, which suggests Te Fiti also saved HeiHei. There may be a middle ground to be found when you add and subtract all the pieces to this theory.

Films have a wonderful way of connecting with audiences. Even though art is created to be enjoyed by anyone, each viewer interprets what they see according to their experience.

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