An Unbelievable Story – Kelly Anne Welbes Abagnale And Frank Abagnale

Do you want to explore the life-changing aspects and passion of Kelly Anne Welbes Abaganle and Frank Abagnale? This is the real story of  Frank Abagnale and  Kelly Anne Welbes Abagnale, who led a 47 year long happily married life. How is Kelly as a person? How do they spend that much time together? How did they face the ups and downs of life? And how Kelly changed Frank’s life. There are some quests everyone wants to know. Well, in the following article, we are going to explore all the aspects of this unbelievable story as we understand that knowing about Frank Abagnale is mandatory before going to the main topic. So let’s get started.

Who Is Frank Abagnale?

American Frank Abagnale, whose life story you can watch in the blockbuster film “Catch Me If You Can, “was the most clever and intelligent fraudulent of his time. His criminal journey started as a teenager when he misused other people’s credit cards. Frank Abagnale was one of the famous convicted felon scammers, cybercrimes, and fraudsters of the time. Moreover, frank has committed several frauds in the workplace. He always targets individuals and small businesses as these are easy targets. He was punished for 12 years for all the above acts but was released on par with the condition that he help the FBI in arresting uncovered forgers. Let’s explore more about him and his loving wife, Kelly Anne Welbes Abagnale.

How Did Kelly And Frank Meet?

How Did Kelly And Frank Meet

Kelly first got to know Frank Abagnale in 1970 while working on an investigation. At the time, Franks was on parole, and the FBI had asked for his assistance in finding thieves, fraudsters, and crooks. Franks is well-versed in the vulnerabilities of lawbreakers. As a result, the FBI granted him parole from jail and used his assistance in their investigations.

Kelly was working in an orphanage. She has a sweet and kind nature. When, during an investigation, she met with Frank Abagnale in the orphanage, she certainly inspired him. This empathy changed into love within no time. The same happened with Frank Abagnale; he bypassed the protocols of parole and let Kelly know about his passion. They both deeply loved each other and wanted to marry.

They faced many challenges pursuing this marriage, especially from Kelly’s family. Her family disagreed with this marriage. As  Frank Abagnale has a criminal history and lower academics they think Frank is not the right man to choose. Moreover, they think that living with a criminal mind person is not easy.

When Did Kelly Married Frank?

After a long struggle and hardship, things got sorted, and they exchanged vows in a church on November 6, 1976. Some of their friends and family attended this wedding. At the time of marriage, Kelly was too young. She was only 22, while Franks was 28.

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Kelly And Frank’s Family

Kelly and Frankd are parents of three sons: Scott Abagnale, Chris Abagnale, and Sean Abagnale. Kelly binds her family with love and affection. They all love and respect each other. Kelly brought up their children without any physical punishment or mental stress. She created an accessible environment for her children to pursue any career they choose.

Although there is not much information publicly known about their children, it is known that Scott is an FBI agent while Chris runs a successful boutique business at George Street Charleston.  Sean Abagnale who is the eldest son of Kelly migrated to China. He took teaching as his career.

The Role Of Kelly In Their Happy Married Life?

Kelly’s upbringing was sound and stable. Her parent, Maxine C. Rust Welbes and Louis A. Welbes led 62 years of life together. She was the only daughter of their parent and had two brothers. Her father was an army officer, while her mother was a professor.

She always found love and peace around her during her childhood. Moreover, she has a master’s in child and human psychology. Thus, this academic background and soothing home environment were important in her happy married life. She did all she could to make her home a relaxing place for her husband and kids. Her calm nature and kind, loving personality make her a fateful companion. Her immortalized character is also highlighted in “Catch Me If You Can.”

Kelly’s Role in Changing Frannk’s Life

Kelly played a vital role in Franks’s life and changed his life from a criminal to a consultant and author. Although she was criticized for her decision to marry Franks, she proved that she had made the correct decision. She found that Franks’s personality was lacking due to stress in his childhood. She motivates him to change his life. She changed the aim of Franks’s life.

Thinking about living with a criminal mind person is not easy but Kelly does this because of her strong personality. Franks was punished for 12 years in total for his acts of crime.  Her limitless support and love played a vital role in their long journey.

Although Kelly hides her identity and most of her information is secret after the success of the film “Catch Me If You Can,” people’s interest in knowing about her is at a great peak. Thus, it is known as the unforgettable beautiful love story of the era. 

Where Is Frank Abagnale Now

Franks is a famous author now whose every book is waiting for. After release from prison, Frank Abagnale started his career as an author. His famous books are Real U Guide to Identity Theft, Catch Me If You Can, The Art of the Steal, While We Can, The Greatest Hoax on Earth, and  Catching Truth. His book Catch Me If You Can got much praise from critics and netizens. The story of this book is the original story of his life, and it became the topic of film and was a remarkable success.

Moreover, he is working as a consultant in cyber security companies. He conducted seminars and meetings on identifying theft, scams, and fraudulent companies worldwide.

Where Is Kelly Now?

Kelly is 69 now. She is living a relaxed life in Charleston. She has retired from the orphanage and is rejoicing in the moment of life with her family.

Quick Facts About Kelly

Full NameKelly Anne Abagnale
Date Of BirthJune 26, 1954
Age69 years
Zodiac SignCancer
EthnicityCaucasian white
Father Louis A. Welbes
Mother Maxine C. Rust Welbes
SiblingsTim Welbes and Robert Welbes
School Waltrip High School
ProfessionChild Psychologist
SpouseFrank Abagnale Jr.
ChildrenScott, Chris, and Sean Abagnale

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