Triple Eyelids

Being human, we are born with different inherited and non-inherited characteristics. And born with a unique set of qualities with different genetics. But with the passage of time, some people face an embarrassing situation where their eyelids change their shape and develop a distinctive fold. Some of the folds get doubled in the shape that is called Triple Eyelids.       

Having triple eyelids is sometimes confusing and discomfiting for such people. Also their society trolls and makes them conscious about such strange changes in their profile. And the person faces the situation also unaware about the reason for these triple eyelids. There are some specific reasons for these sudden changes that we will discuss later in this blog.

Furthermore, the change in the shape of eyes also gives an illusion of change in the shape of face to the viewer. After reading the article, we are sure that you will notice all the eyes around you next time. 

But don’t need to get worried because we did proper research on triple eyelids and collected the most valuable information for you.

Some of the people try to change their lifestyle and try to be more focused about their health and nutrients intake and some go for the wrinkle reduction surgery. There is a lot more to know in detail. just stay tuned throughout the article to know more.

Factors of triple Eyelids:

Factors of triple Eyelids

There can be lots of reasons of the visible change in eyes such as: 

Muscle Weakness

When somebody faces this situation, there can be various factors that cause triple eyelids. It happens, when the muscle of the eye gets saggy and because of weakness and it loses its strength. But these minor changes in your eye shape can be cured by simply switching on a healthy diet and changing lifestyle.

Loss of Elasticity

The next cause is losing the elasticity. This reason can be simply explained by saying that when your skin around eyelids get bulgy and it loses its elasticity and tightness of the muscles, it results in triple eyelids. When your skin loses elasticity it happens due to different factors such as when you don’t give proper time in the skin care  when you turn 35 plus age. Our skin always requires special treatment. That’s Why some people go for the quick solution by choosing surgery. 

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Fat Loss

One of the important factors that initiate unhealthy eyeshap that happens when your eye loses its fat. And it’s really obvious for all of us that your body parts lose fat when your body is quenching for the fats and oil that can be added by necessary nutrients.  

Moreover, some people avoid taking fats because they believe in the myth that taking fats can make them obese but it’s not right to believe in it because all fats are cautious for their health. We all know, some fats are the basic necessity for best body performance.

Symptoms and classification of triple eyelids?

Symptoms and classification of triple eyelids

If we go into the deeper details of Triple eyelid, there are certain stages with some specified symptoms of triple eyelids. So just have some patience and keep up with us to know more about it.

Primary triple eyelid: skin tightness and fat volume

Experts classify the stage where someone’s eyes get bulgy due to losing skin elasticity and minimize volume, they call it the primary type of triple eyelids. Because when the connection between skin and tissue gets weakened then it’s very obvious for all of us that one’s eye will look depressed and gradually it gets bulgy and droopy. This phenomenon of changing eyelid shape also can be the result of aging.

Secondary triple eyelid: Scar tissue adhesions

The secondary stage where you eyelid gets tripling because of some man-made changes. Means when a person gets some surgical change such as blepharoplasty and due to the removal of extra soft tissues from the eyelid can cause thickening of tissues. And it develops scar tissues. And these tissues later turned into some extra eyelid folds. And we can say that this stage is a result of surgical mistakes. 

Tertiary triple eyelid: Scar tissue re-adhesions

Simply we can say that The tertiary triple eyelids are also the results of surgery when they correct after a mistake. This action gives end results like high eyefolds, high eyelid folds, eyelid retractions, and an ectropion condition when the eyelid skin inner part gets exposed and turns outwards.

Common risks for developing triple eyelids

  • The most common risk is aging. Because it’s a most common and frequent reason for developing eyelid folds.
  • Another risk is your racial background. For instance, if you have Asian skin then your eyelids are more prone to get creased and have triple eyelids. 
  • If you wear contact lenses for too long, it weakens your eye muscles. 
  • You will get surprised that your complexion and skin thickness also impacts on eyelids. Like fairer skin means more risks to get multiple eye folds.
  • Shape and size matters too in forming triple eyes especially when you have a thin shape 
  • Due to any eye infections when eyes fluid secretes so Eyelids can be increased in folds. 

Tips to Prevent Triple eyelids

After all the healthy discussion to give all the right knowledge about triple eyelids we must discuss the safe and precautionary measures so that we can keep our eyes safe from this issue. Furthermore, we can opt for a healthy lifestyle that can lower the risks of triple eyelids. 

so those golden tips that we can follow to prevent triple eyelids are as follows: 

  • First of all, we stay well-hydrated all day. 
  • to prevent it we can correct out sleep cycle 
  • We all know that smoking is the root cause of almost every health issue so by quitting smoking we can be safe from any skin or eye issue. 
  • consuming alcohol is also a worst habit that can cause triple eyelids. 
  • Try to use less salt in routine that helps in maintaining blood pressure too. 
  • A prolonged exposure to the sunlight can lead to the triple eyelids so should protect your eyes. 

Treatments of triple eyelids

Most of the time, people can’t  get rid of triple eyelids on their own. but with few surgical treatments you can easily treat it off. when you want to see visible changes in a few days. so Here are the top treatments:


After in-depth research, we found this surgical treatment is one of the best way to treat triple eyelids in the current era of technology. but if it gets done by experts. 

In this procedure surgeons remove excessive folds of the skin that makes it droopy and triple layered. 

Brow lift

This treatment name is explaining itself. In this option you can lift you eyebrows by raising some soft tissues. Also it helps in maintaining the symmetry in eyebrows. Also, this method improves the triple eyelids if you use injectable fillers for lifting.


Lipo filling is simply a fat transferring technique where a surgeon harvests a few fat cells from a part of the body by liposuction and grafts it on the treatment area. In this way they can make your brows more volumized and lifted. but sometimes it gives a reaction to your immune system. 

Radiofrequency (RF) therapy

As its name shows this treatment uses heated energy waves to form collagen for the skin and treat lower eye skin. 

This therapy is also popular to treat the saggy or droopy skin of eyelids. 

Wrap up! 

To conclude, the reasonings of triple eyelids can be physical, aging, biological, genetic roots or can occur by any surgical mistakes. But as we mentioned earlier, adding healthy habits and switching to a healthy diet and lifestyle can minimize the risk of triple eyelids.

to gain quick results and visible changes you can take Surgical measures. 

We have come up with various surgical and some non surgical options for you that are Less invasive techniques as above. 

Our team has gathered some handy information about triple eyelids so that you can prevent the chances of having triple eyelids. Also you can choose the best option of treatment according to your preferences and convenience.

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