All About The Controversial Wack 100

American rapper and singer Wack100 has a huge fan base around the world. His rapping style is one of the most liked styles in the hip-hop industry. While as a singer he was a popular one since its start. He gifted many energizing songs to music lovers like Eazy, bringing his popularity to heights. Thus, today, here in this article, we cover all the aspects of Wack 100 life you want to know. So let’s get started.

Multitalented Person With Strong PR Skills

Wack 100 is a multitasker and talented person. He is a celebrity manager, businessman, entrepreneur, rapper and singer. He looks after and manages all these works efficiently, perfectly, and professionally. Moreover, he works as a personal manager for many celebrities. His sound personality, Strong PR, and professionalism are the reasons behind the stars’ trust. Currently, he works for Blueface, The Game, and Ray J as manager.

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The Musical Career Of Wack 100

Wack 100

The Wack 100, often known for his controversial statements, is a rapper’s profession. We have already discussed above that apart from being a rapper, he is a successful manager and businessman. Here, we will discuss the musical career of Wack 100. He has quite a successful career. Until now, he has released various mixtapes and singles of his own.

Moreover, he gets to be featured in other tracks with other artists. These artists and tracks include the game and the Ray. While you may ask why he is popular in the musical area, his musical style is one of the best reasons for his success. The type of Wack 100 music is quite aggressive and confrontational.

The Philanthropic Efforts Of Wack 100

We have known Wack for his controversial aspects, but one more side is still hidden: his philanthropic efforts. Despite having a negative image, he has a positive side and has seen several types of donating to charities and community programs. Moreover, he has also worked in various fundraising events.

While it is exciting that Wack also started his NGO in 2018 with the name Wack 100 Foundation, the foundation’s main aim is to support the youth of Los Angeles who are in underprivileged situations. 

The Influence Of Wack 100’s Character In The Music Industry

The Wack 100 is often known as an influential figure in the music industry. He is mainly known for his talent-hunting skills; hence, with his recruiter skill, he has hunted and launched various figures into the industry and made their career. 

Moreover, Wac is a good negotiator with a great sense of dealing and making deals possible.

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What Are The Plans Of Wack 100?

The Wack 100 did not speak much about his plans, but recently, he has opened himself to his big plans for his bright future. The Wack 100 intends to grow the record label Wack and wants to release more of his tracks. Apart from music, he’s planning to extend his philanthropic works to new regions, with the primary aim of bringing bright light into the lives of the people who need it. 

Wack 100 And Controversies

Wack 100

Wack has a strong position in the music industry and has good relations with many top-class singers and musicians, but his aggressive nature often brings him into controversies. His outspoken and straightforward attitude may be the reason behind these controversies, or maybe because of professional jealousy or his strong PR. 

We don’t know the real reason, but these controversies are bringing the internet and media on fire. His heated arguments with 21 Savage and 6ix9ine at the debut episode of the ClubHouse podcast remained on top trends for months. Moreover, his sensational fight with Charleston White, in which Amber Rose took part, is another breaking news on social media.

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Wack 100 Comments On Tupac Shakur And Nipsey Hussle

Moreover, his disgusting comments about Tupac Shakur and Nipsey Hussle’s death were trolled and criticized by people around the world. In short, we can consider Wack 100 a person who has always become the talk of the town due to his attitude.

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The Wack 100’s Controversy Feud With 50 Cent

The Wack 100 has been funding his fellow 50 Cent; however, recently, the Wack has come to light after accusing the 50 Cent of not paying the justified amount for his absolute work. The feud, on the other hand, escalated, and thus, the two have been shown on media exchanging hard words and threads. 

Wack 100 And Piru Blood 

There is another rumor about him that he is a member of one of the groups in Los Angeles, Piru Blood. This group is involved in many illegal activities like robbery, drug trafficking, extortion, and murder. Still, the reality of this rumor is unknown, but it creates debate among the music industry. As per sources, he went to prison due to his involvement in illegal activities in the past, and now he left this gang.

Wack As An Event Organizer 

As we discussed earlier, Wack 100 has solid PR and interpersonal relations skills; thus, Wack has been hired to organize most of the events, seminars, and concerts of the music industry. Wack arranges these events with perfection and devotion. Thus, because of his professionalism and model, most celebrities trust him to organize such events.

Wack 100 Early Life Facts 

Wack 100, whose original name is Cash Jones, is 45 years of age, and his birthdate is April 7. He lived his early life in Pacoima, California. He belongs to an Afro-American family and believes in Christianity. He joined the music industry right after completing his higher education. He mostly avoids questions related to his childhood, so there is not much data available on the internet about his parents, siblings, and youth.

Wack 100 Married Life 

Wack has had 27 years of a happy married life. He, his wife Kimberly Jones, daughter Devyn Jones, and son Prince Jones live in a luxury villa in Los Angeles. He and his family are very active on social media. His wife often shares family time or travel pictures with loving and fascinating captions on social media platforms. These pictures give the idea about their ideal life.

Net Worth Of Wack 100

It is assumed that Wack’s 100 net worth is reaching 5 million, and most of his earnings come from rapping and managing celebrities and their official matters. Along with his bank balance, he owns many apartments, resorts, and villas worth millions of dollars. In addition, he is fond of cars too. Thus, he holds many innovative and modern vehicles in his collection. 

The Legal Troubles Faced By Wack 100

The history of Wack 100 legal troubles is long for Kevin. He has been seen an array of times arrested on various occasions under the charges of assault, etc.; he has just been accused, and he has later been released. Moreover, he was also allegedly involved in the civil lawsuit cases. 

However, despite a lot, he still has a fan base for his positive side!


The Wack 100, although he has been known for his controversies, has a great sense of music and has been known for entertaining people and hunting skilled talent to the industry. While in business, he has a tremendously sharp mind, leading his company to new heights. The weak 100where have people who are against him. He has a positive fan base, who are his fans for his philanthropic and musical career. Thus, with so much, the Wack 100 has a great personality and a multitalented person who will also have a significant influence in the future.

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